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monday, january 288h. & baltimore city... frederick .. garrett.. howard and kent county schools are late.cecill.. harford and are closed. cllsed.baltimore county schools re aaready closed for day... but on-public bus rrutes areeoperattnn on a 2 hour delay. delayyanne arundel county schoolssaae also aaready are opening hours late.ccs - 33 3 3 3 3 & 3 as jonathan warned you... therr are cy conditions out here or your commute.megan gilllland is live in north baltimore now shaping up at this hour. good morning lib... live look... 3 joinssus on the have sooe deeays to tell us about? cooing p... it's thh ssht of a lifetimm.. ann he ailed ii. it.hii maaing basket nats looppd bbttee ttan sinking thisshalf you're watching ox 45 good day baatimore. ((bump out)) ((brrak 1)) 3 the ravvns leave for new oollans today. but not &pbefore, thh fans hhve one mor and purple pride. joel d. smith is ive at the inner harbor wheree eveeyone from theemayor, to pllyers froo the last super bowl team will be sending the &pteaa off in styll. good morning oel d. 3 3 3 we''l be stre
prove they are not the remains of makayla garrett, a little girl who vanished two days ago. they say it is a relief to makayla's mother. >> i found out the bone they thought might be makayla's is not makayla's. >> in her living room makayla garrett's mother felt a wave of relief when police broke the news to her on wednesday afternoon. >> all of these months they have spent conducting these tests i haven't run around saying hurry up, hurry up i want to know the answers. there is a large part of me that is not sure that i could deal with the answers if i were to find out that she has been killed. >> 24 years ago makayla garrett was kidnapped in front of a hayward market as a 9-year-old. she was never found. last winter police developed a potential connection to the speed spree killer. another parolee who had hung himself may have abducted kayla. they searched an abandoned well in lyndon, california and found human bone fragments. but dna tests revealed they did not match makayla's profile. so now the garrett family is shifting gears again back into hoping like they have been doing for
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. garrett mcnamara waits to learn if he set a new record. i talked to him about what it felt like to ride a massive wave. >>> take a look at this video. imagine riding this massive wave. it could be a new world record captured on video. the surfer in this photo here, just amazing, shares what it was like to ride that wave ahead on 360. using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >>> the senate voted this afternoon to confirm john kerry as the next secretary of state. as a senator john kerry voted on his own nomination. it makes him the first new member of president obama's second cabinet to officially be installed. hillary clinton does not step down till friday. on her final days some on capitol hill are not holding back in criticism. lindsey graham said in his view secretary clinton got away with murder with the attack on benghazi. that's far from the only issue that will
? abc's nick watt. >> reporter: yep, that tiny dot is garrett mcnamara. dwarfed by probably the biggest wave ever surfed by man. wow. hi, garrett. this is nick. how are you doing? i just reached him in portugal. can you even begin to explain to the likes of us what it feels like in that moment on that wave? >> oh, you are just going so fast and it's really, really similar to snowboarding down a giant mountain and you're just chattering and just flying down this bumpy, bumpy mountain. your brain's getting rattled. your whole body is getting rattled. >> reporter: at the end of the ride, he was oh, so nearly smashed onto the rocks. >> i can honestly say survival chances were very, very slim. >> reporter: and mcnamara, a 45-year old hawaiian, lucky to be living legend, might just have shattered his own world record. a little over 77 feet, that was set in 2011, also right here off the rugged coast of portugal. surfing at nearly 60 miles per hour, the ride took less than 30 seconds. potential record waves are measured using a surfer crouched on a board for scale. was this a new record? well,
forecast from howard in just a moment. there he is. >> jc, i was talking to jake. he skis in garrett county. you may see him in his red, white and blue going down the slopes in western maryland, maybe while he's training for the special olympics. it's cold and windy in dare rete county -- garrett county. sunshine and i've raised temperatures just a bit. i thought we would top out at 43. we could squeeze out another two or three degrees. with the winds, it will feel like it's in the 30s. we'll dispip -- dip into the upper 30s by 9:00 and into the 20s for overnight lows. we're seeing bright sun in d.c. north of town i know it's a story. either side of i-70, about 10 miles or so, parts of montgomery county. you get west into the mountains we got the clouds but much of the metro seeing bright sunshine and stiff winds. a cold morning. some of the areas down into the northern neck. upper teens. look, the cold stuff was west and southwest. skies were clear. winds went light. what a great example of that this morning. we had 30 in hagerstown but 18 in manassas. at this hour with the sunshine and wi
stands approved. for what purpose does the gentleman from new jersey seek recognition? mr. garrett: i object to the vote on the grounds that a quorum is not present and make a point of order a quorum is not present. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this question are postponed. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from new york, mr. king. mr. king: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from new jersey rise? mr. garrett: announce that the list of co-sponsors to the slayings submitted this morning should be treated as original co-sponsors, reflecting their intent and in fact should be on the legislation when it was introduced late last night. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's statement will appear in the record. for what purpose does the gentleman from new jersey rise. mr. garrett: first of all, madam speaker, i ask unanimo
, maryland public school are delayed two hours. also, garrett county, montgomery county and prince george's county public schools are all on two-hour delays today. >> in virginia, arlington county schools and loud coup county schools are close you had t alexandria city and fredericksburg city schools are on a two-hour delay. also a two-hour delay for page county, prince william county, stafford county and warren county schools. there are a number of private schools and local governments and businesses that have changed their status for today. you can see those along the bottom of the screen. now, it is your turn. you can tell us how long we'll be experiencing this. >> throughout the course of the morning hours with the freezing rain and sleet and then we'll see it change to rain. we have some fog oarkted with it later as well. let's take a look right now at what we're seeing here. and we've got mainly a mixture of some freezing rain and some light snow and even a pocket of rainfall you can see near fredericksburg along the i-95 corridor there. this is widespread. it will continue to do so
on bone fragments prove they are not the remains of makayla garrett, a little girl who vanished two days ago. they say it is a relief to makayla's mother. >> i found out the bone they thought might be makayla's is not makayla's. >> in her living room makayla garrett's mother felt a wave of relief when police broke the news to her on wednesday afternoon. >> all of these months they have spent conducting these tests i haven't run around saying hurry up, hurry up i want to know the answers. there is a large part of me that is not sure that i could deal with the answers if i were to find out that she has been killed. >> 24 years ago makayla garrett was kidnapped in front of a hayward market as a 9-year-old. she was never found. last winter police developed a potential connection to the speed killer. another parolee who had hung himself may have abducted kayla. they searched an abandoned well in lyndon, california and found human bone fragments. but dna tests revealed they did not match makayla's profile. so now the garrett family is shifting gears again back into hoping like they have been d
, the taliban. major garrett is covering at the white house for us tonight. major? >> reporter: scott, the president has long encouraged the afghan government to seek peace with taliban fighters who infiltrate from neighboring pakistan. today for the first time mr. obama said those talks are specific enough that they deserve a formal home. >> president karzai updated me on the afghan government's road map to peace and today we agreed that this process should be advanced by the opening of a taliban office to facilitate talks. >> reporter: prospects for peace remain dim and taliban aggression when fighting resumes this spring is not expected to let up. but the u.s. combat role will never be the same. >> our troops will continue to fight alongside afghans when needed, but let me say it as plainly as i can: starting this spring our troops will have a different mission. training, advising, assisting afghan forces. it will be an historic moment and another step toward full afghan sovereignty, something i know president karzai cares deeply about, as do the afghan people. >> reporter: mr. oba
to provide loans. before i yield back my time, let me take some special time to thank mr. garrett. i want to thank every member of the new york, connecticut, and new jersey delegations for working together to try to make sure that our people receive the kind of aid that they need. i particularly want to say to my friends mr. grim and mr. kain where we have worked together with our governors. i also want to give a thank you to governor cuomo and gov. chris christie from new jersey. working cooperatively not as a democrat or republican but as an elected official to come together to the aid of people who need aid. i'm hopeful as we move forward, we do the $9 billion today and we do what we need to do by january 15th and the people of this region receive the aid they need. i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new jersey. >> i recognize that this helps not only people in our neck of the woods but across the country as we put money in the fund for the flood insurance program. i yield to the gentleman from texas, mr. hensel. for two minutes. >> the gent
on the constitutionality of the act. >>> major garrett with why members on both sides of the aisle might have a problem with chuck haigle. >> he would be the first person of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense. one of the few secretaries wounded in war and the first vietnam veteran to lead the department. >> reporter: to quiet claims he is a republican, mr. obama secured endorsements from leon panetta and john brennan. >> chuck haigle is a patriot, a decorated combat veteran and a dedicated public servant >> i very much look forward to the opportunity and privilege to serve with him. >> reporter: he has taken position unpopular with democratics and republicans. he voted for the iraq war but came to believe it was mismanaged he voted for some sanctions on iran and they highlight his comments about israel and gays. he said the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people. he opposed the nomination of james hormel as ambassador to luxembourg in 1998 because he was openly gay. i think it is an inhibitor to be openly aggressively gay. he apologized recently calling the remarks insensitive. >> while t
there answering a question from cbs news white house correspondent major garrett, formerly of this network. it was mr. obama's final news conference of his first term. so, what did you think, judy, about the questions that the president received? only seven of them for a news conference. the answers went on very long. >> you might even say stonewalling answers, each answer was roughly the equivalent of about seven and a half minutes. no wonder there's no time for follow-ups. look, the white house press corps, how many times do we have to talk about it. other than major garrett, who was a sight to see there, even jake tapper said, oh, yes, major always asks good questions, when he was on fox we didn't call on him much. that's what this is about. the white house press corps has to be more skeptical. >> and partially a technical plight. one way he filibusters or runs out the clock, change the way the mic would be, they used to be shotgun mics and now they pass down the aisle, it looks like a high school deal and you don't get the follow-up questions. two or threes you didn't hear and only hea
are buried. because of the estimated age, it was thought that it could be mckayla garrett. turns out, though, that that bone belonged to an older teenager. >> i was shocked. and kind of disheartened about it, because i was worried about mckayla's mom. i want it to be what she wants it to be. i want her to have closure too. >> many of you will remember nine-year-old mckayla was kidnapped from in front of a hayward shopping center back in 1988. >>> san francisco police want you to take a good look at this guy. they believe he may have killed the woman seen walking with him in this surveillance video. 46-year-old elia cruz is the victim. this was the last time she was seen alive. she was found dead in her tenderloin apartment a short time later. investigators have been searching for her killer since october. >>> president obama will probably spell out some of his ideas to reduce gun violence by next week. we're hearing he'll use his state of the union address next month to push his plan. reporter major garrett has learned some of what the presiden
on, some more snow in garrett county but they've got plenty of snow over the past week or so, more than a foot actually in parts of garrett county. a few showers, especially to the south of d.c. as we head into the afternoon on tuesday, new year's day, most of us will stay pretty dry, maybe just a couple 100th of an inch of rain. and as i mentioned before, if there are snowflakes they are going to melt when they hit the ground. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, maybe a sprinkle but staying dry, i think. 29 to 34 for those overnight lows with winds out of the southwest at five to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy with a shower, temperatures in the 30s, but we will warm into the 40s in a couple of spots as we head into the afternoon. lots of clouds still in place, 37 to 42 for those afternoon highs with southwest winds continuing at five to 10 miles per hour. so over the next three days your 9 weather alerts are all green on new year's day, even though we have a chance for a shower, not a big deal, wednesday breezy and you'll notice the chill in the atmosphere with a
more than we're going to see. even garrett county, you haven't gone skiing yet? this could be a great weekend to hit the slopes. they are getting snow, making snow, and this afternoon we'll see some snow. there's going to be a quick hitter. it's already starting now, maybe 6 or 7 hours worth of snow, light to occasionally moderate but a light snow. with temperatures, this may even be wishful thinking, we may hold in the mid-20s with winds south, 5-8 miles an hour, 7:00 still snowing, but by 9:00 things wind down from west to east, most of snow may be east of the bay by 9:00. at 2:00 to the west, lots of advisories, a few warnings in the mountains. southern kentucky, northeastern tennessee, ice storm warnings, freezing rain a big problem, down i-81 towards knoxville out of virginia. here is the snow. this first batch, i talked about "this morning edition" morning, the air is so dry it's evaporating. when it was up in pittsburgh and indianapolis they had snow totals that were in the half inch or inch an hour category of snow rates. western ohio look how quickly this is moving, it's star
. visibility back down to zero in garrett county. we're holding on to two miles in gaithersburg so some patchy reduced visibility. nothing too terrible here with temperatures this morning ranging from 33 in annapolis to 52 in winchester. monika? >>> thank you so much, howard. i'm happy to say that, boy, we're getting a big break today compared to yesterday morning. so much better on the roads. northbound i-95, for example, from triangle all the way to springfield, your lanes are open. you're good to go. no delays yet ifyou're just heading out the door. that's what you should look forward to i hope. on the inbound side of i-66 all the way to the roosevelt bridge, this is looking fine as well and no issues on any of the bridges right now over the potomac river. back to the maps, this time to the other side in maryland, bw parkway and route 50 looking good as well as you travel through sheverly leaving the northeast corridor may be a little bit slow but once you're out of that jam there you're fine on route a, even inbound from annapolis your lanes are open. a live look on 95. all lanes are open
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on the budget talks before an audience that included former campaign volunteers and garrett rs. major garrett is at the white house tonight. dajor, good evening. evreporter: good evening, rebecca. the president wants higher axcome taxes on the wealthy but althy to give up a few things to achieve that. nene, for example, the $250,000 threshold that was part of the presidential successful re- election campaign. top white house officials insisted it would not budge. ábtdgmoved up to $450,000 per household. ehold.will go up on estates and family farms but the president gave in to republican demands to minimize the scope of that particular tax increase. all along both sides said they o kt to keep taxes more or less where they are for most tax payers. that's been achieved but blicblicans in the senate and use house for the first time and tder the president's steady pressure are saying they're looking at and likely to vote for higher income taxes. >> for now our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going up for middle class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can
garrett. a new year and new taxes to pay for obamacare. but will it cost jobs? do you think it may affect the number of people you can hire? keeping times square safe on new year's eve. seth doane behind the scenes with the f.b.i. and michelle miller on the portraits that tell the story of the mepls. >> reporter: what are theying? what is it they're trying to convey in these pictures? >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. scott is off tonight, i'm anthony mason. america went over the fiscal cliff at midnight, but we are still waiting to see if it will be a hard fall or a soft landing early this morning, the senate passed a compromise bill that raises income taxes for individuals earning $400,000 a year and families earning $450,000. everyone else would be spared. it would also delay spending cuts for at least two months, and that does not sit well with many house republicans. so where do we go from here? we have two reports beginning with nancy cordes at the capitol. >> reporter: anthony, house republicans do not like thi
you where we have a winter weather advisory. garrett county is under a winter warning with about an inch of ice or snow. 4degrees at reagan national airport. 32 at dulles. 32 at bwi thurgood marshall and it is just a messy mix today. i know you have more cancellations to talk about. i'm not surprised. >> it is alexandria public schools on a two-hour delay. >> they are coming in just as we're on the air. so stay tuned with us. also let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on our traffic situation out there. how is it look right now. >> a lot of tweets are coming in. thank you, guy, so much for giving us the update. give me the tweet before you leave home or once you arrive at the office safely. that i appreciate. we are getting a number of tweets coming in. craig said driving right through it right now in waldorf. it was coming down. now, it is one continuous sheet of ice it looks like traveling by 301. icy conditions already reported there. to the west as we mentioned earlier out in winchester and leesburg, icy conditions reported in manassas for those tra
in gaithersburg. so some low clouds, a little fog here and there but the worst fog is up in garrett county. looking at zero right now. and temps range from a chilly 34 in annapolis to 5 2k in -- to 52 in winchester. atmosphere can't make up its mind right now but it will be mild the next couple of days. monika samtani, it's 6:00, timesaver traffic. >>> it's not your typical 6:00 hour on a tuesday morning, i have to say. it's pretty light outside. no big issues to report. you've got e one slow stretch which is kind of out of the ordinary leave the district along 295. through cheverly right here heading inbound into the northeast corridor, everything looks good. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head over here on the northbound side of i-95 at prince william parkway heading toward newington and springfield, you're going to be fine and all lanes are open there as well. back to the maps this time heading to the other side 270 southbound where you've got that slow stretch route 109 to 121. that's basically it. a live look further south at falls road. traffic looks really lig
like to take 15 seconds to tell chairman garrett that as much as i appreciate him bringing this bill to the floor today, he came to my district with his wife, came to midland beach, was in one of the homes, several of the homes that were completely devastated, pulling out moldy sheetrock and bringing a little hope to people in complete despair and for that i will be eternally grateful and i do thank my chairman for that compassion and letting the people even outside of his own district know that he is there and cares about them. i would also like to share with you, i called someone this morning from staten island that lives in new york beach and they have a teenage son named dillon and they have not been back in their home since the storm. i asked how are your two sons doing. he said they are great but dillon hasn't gone back to the house to help with the construction because he gets choked up. it is that that i want to emphasize here. these are human beings. children that have been completely displaced. it is up to us to get them back on their feet. today is one of those steps that
into garrett county. here is the forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy skies, a sprinkle possible. very mild overnight as the temperatures dipped only into the mid 40 qazi across the area. fog could slow you down during the morning commute. into the afternoon, showers, many thunderstorms by the evening hours. tomorrow, mid 60's. a big drop in the temperatures going into the seven-day. we dropped down by about 20 degrees going into thursday. by friday, at a slight chance for snow. a high will only be into the 30's. >> in today's medical alert, a new study shows that eating pretty colored fruits and vegetables could help lower the risk of als. it is a disease that attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. researchers at howard university found more people who eat more carotenoids, which give fruits and vegetables their bright colors, had a reduced risk of als. and having a lycopene vitamin deficiency did not affect the risk. and in another study, women who carry the blogger gene puts them at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer. women with breast cancer gene typically begin me
for garrett county. this will be in effect from 3:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. it will be light, but because of the rush hour, they have put that advisory out. here is the futurecast to show how things start. clouds moved in and around 7:00 is when this combination of a green, pink, and white comes in. by noon, the bulk of it will be moving out. even in the afternoon, we can see a few rain shower is in the area. here is the seven-day. a light winter makes becoming light rain hopefully by afternoon. the high as 35-40. on tuesday, it looks dry and we will be in the low 50's closer to 60 by wednesday. some rain and maybe a thunderstorm before temperatures start to tumble again. >> this thing is really happening to. the ravens are heading down there tomorrow. >> they are expecting to get quite a sendoff. none of this would be possible without joe flacco. you will find out himself if he has an advantage over >> from the zest and the bank's board center, this as 11 sports -- from the susquehanna bank sports center. >> there's no better reason to skip the game tonight than planning for the ultimate
was driving his white ferrari and was pulled over for speeding. that's when chris garrett parked his car and crossed the street to snap pictures. >> he was ordered to return to his vehicle. >> reporter: g.d ara was struck by an suv and killed. bieber wasn't there. in a statement the singer offered his condolences and said hopefully this will inspire meaningful legislation and what other steps are necessary to protect the lives of celebrities, police officers, innocent bystanders and the public themselves. this isn't the first run-in involving the paparazzi and pop stars. >> i have like five cars following me. >> reporter: last july a high speed chase led to a photographer being arrested and charged with california's 2009 antipaparazzi law but a judge later threw out the charges and said the law was too broad. in this case his friends claim he was the victim. >> he loved the people he was following. he was respecting the celebrities. >> reporter: the lapd said the person who hit gara was in the at fault and will not be charged. >>> we all note future king of england is about to become a d
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computer model is telling us. sometimes it underestimates. garrett county could get to inches of rain just from that line of thunderstorms -- two inches of rain just from that line of thunderstorms. some thunder shores -- some thunder showers after dark. there you go. back down to the 30's by friday. and it will be that way. we have had just a few flurries mustered up by friday and saturday with that cooler air. >> we will get through it. >> thanks, adam. gio gonzalez that hard-throwing pitcher, has been linked to a doctor who deals in performance in the anti-drug. he appears in the records of a miami-based clinic called biogenesis. the report acknowledges that the substance that gio gonzalez allegedly acquired does not have any banned substances. he denies using any performance can -- performance enhancing drugs. >> drivers could seek changes on the injured county connector. we will explain. >> plus, about >> after days of talk, d.c. mayor vincent gray is weighing in on the budget surplus. >> there has been plenty of talk. now the mayor and city council are narrowing down the list of opti
will be in the teens around garrett, washington, allegany. we'll talk if we can get some snow to be produced out of the pattern. guys, counting the flurries. >> the latest on the temperatures, download our abc2 weather a. go to and your forecast will never be further than the palm of your hand. >>> you're about to hear a story that has so many questions to it. it's ridiculous. >> it involves one of the best college football players in what was a madeup girlfriend. >> reporter: it's a bizarre hoax that's getting more and more complicated. we watched as notre dame's player manti te'o played through the loss of his girlfriend from leukemia. turns out that girlfriend was a fabrication -- the story a lie, reportedly perpetrated by an acquaintance of te'o. to realize i was the victim of someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. >> he looked up the mort rather ri, funeral homes. >> reporter: and they are convinced of te'o's innocence. >> why would swn go through great lengths. >> reporter: but he does have spores and notre dame is in his corner. >>
:00 tonight. a winter storm warning out in garrett county. it moves through with a little bit of moisture, but if the air is cold enough it will result in some snow. like in the accumulation. it will get off the coast by about 11:00 or midnight tomorrow night. most of the weekend will see sunny skies returning. it will not produce massive amounts of snow. in the blue shaded area, that is the second category, 1-3 inch snowfalls that we or expecting by the time it winds down late tomorrow night. it could complicate things in that rush hour tomorrow evening. a much heavier snow in the mountains. cold temperatures, 5-9 inches of fluffy snow out there and more snow showers in the mountains on saturday. eastern shore, the snow rise in the evening but it is out of here by saturday. the forecast, we will crawl at of the deep freeze over the weekend and get above freezing on sunday. close to 40 on monday and some 50's by the middle of next week. >> this is 11 sports. >> super bowl 47 sets up as an intersection of first. the last game for ray lewis, the first super bowl for 47 of his teammates. ed
one. >> mason: nancy cordes at the capitol. is follou, nancy. t the garrett is following developments at the white house. major, what do you hear from there tonight? >> reporter: anthony, the al office,spent the afternoon in the oval office, january 1, new asar's day, presiding over a niuntry and economy that has technically gone over the fiscal cliff. at officials ur, anthony, white omewhaofficials tell us the eirsident is somewhat optimistic that republicans, despite their misgivings and reservations, will find a way to either have an amendment process or come ulrrowly close to one, but r an up-ly allow this senate compromise to come up for an up- or-down vote. and the president, in conferring with house minority leader nancy pelosi, believes there are e.fficient house democratic votes with a few republican votes to get this deal done. see vice president, joe biden, spent a lot of time with house a very s today. that was a very persuasive presentation, house democratic officials tell me. there are lots of votes on the democratic side. the question is can republicans provide enough o
borrowing limit. but as cbs reporter major garrett shows us republicans are already saying no deal without spending cuts. >> reporter: the grand stage at the capitol nearly complete. so too the presidential reviewing stand just outside the white house gate. the first family's hawaiian vacation carved up by fiscal cliff drama ends today. the president used his weekly address to tell the nation that raising the debt ceiling to avoid a government default is a problem for congress. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they've already racked up. if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. >> reporter: top advisers say the president will never again like he did in 2011 get pulled into that debate. but republicans want a fight tying the debt ceiling to spending cuts required by the fiscal cliff. >> we're crushing today's small businesses and the next generation of americans under a mountain of debt. >> reporter: they see an openi
. police in hayward now say it is not from kidnapped victim mckayla garrett. that bone was discovered with the remains of other victim of the so-called speed freak killers. because of the victim's ages and the time they were buried, investigators thought the bone might have been garrett's remains but hayward police say dna testing shows the bone belongs to a previously-identified murder victim. mckayla was abducted outside a store in 1988 when she was nine years ould. >>> now to the south bay where the search for a new san jose police chief has reached a crucial stage. ktvu's robert honda has the short list of candidates. >> it was a well-kept secret. the south bay's most influential community groups gathered inside the hayes mansion conference center to conduct an all-day job interview. the head of the police officers 'association gym unland and former san jose police chief william lancedown as well as numerous community leaders signed confidentiality dprements in order to be part of the process, but we have learned the candidates interviewed today were former santa clara police chie
a team of cbs news correspondents covering this inauguration. first, major garrett at the wh white house with more about theaddr address and the four years ahead. major? >> reporter: scott, president obama knows the debate over deficit reduction and entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security is straight obama mr. obama used today's speech to tell skeptical republicans that these three pillars of the great society must remain. >> we, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. we must make the hard choices toh care reduce the cost of health care an and the size of our deficit. (applause) but we reject the belief that america must choose the belief between caring about the generation that built this country and the investment inture. its future. >> reporter: for the first time, the push for gay rights was equated with earlier struggles with women's rights and civil rights. >> our journey isn't complete until our gay brothers andor t sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. (applause) righ for if w
the struggle for equality in this country and broke some new ground. major garrett has that part of the story. >> reporter: for the first time in the nation's 57 inaugural celebrations, the push for gay rights was equated with earlier struggles for women's rights and civil rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. [ applause ] >> for if we are truly created equal, surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well. >> reporter: the president elevated manmade climate change higher than at any time since winning re-election, resurrecting an issue he's barely touched in more than two years. >> some may deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> reporter: with 11 million illegal immigrants in america, mr. obama called on congress to provide a legal path to citizenship. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful imm
, the difference it 24 hours ago and now, in garrett county the temperatures are 43 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. we're only down about 15, 25 here in the metro. it could be worse. just keep that in mind. here's a look at your day planner for the rest of this afternoon. sunshine with fair weather clouds in town. that will be the case. out west in the higher elevations we've got some flurries which are flying as temperatures slowly tail off to the lower 40s by 5:00. and as we get into the evening hours, we'll dip into the 30s. the winds also still are going to gust to 40 or so for the next few hours. then just get breezy tonight. so windchills tonight 20s, if not teens by tomorrow morning. had a lot of rain last night. one to three inches of rain so we have active flood warnings. the potomac may not crest till late tonight, early tomorrow. you saw scoot broom earlier coming from laurel. the patuxent river is going to flood down there, maybe toward upper marlboro some higher waters, high water levels we haven't seen because they're letting the water out through the dams there. that's a big pro
a winter weather advisory right now. this is in effect through until 10:00 this morning. garrett county, maryland is under a winter storm warning. temperatures right now into the 30s pretty much everywhere. we are expecting to get into the low 40s. yesterday, we reached 3 degrees at national. but we are expecting today to see at least 41 degrees with some breezy winds. we'll have more details a little later. back to you. >>> checking our other top stories now, officials in brazil are still trying to determine the cause of a deadly nightclub fire. it killed at least 230 people and injured hundreds more. this amateur video taken shows the chaos at the scene. witnesses believe the fire was sparked by a flare or fireworks set off by a band member inside the club. we know at least one of the locks was locked at the club trapping the victims inside. >> we've learned that most of the people at the club were university students. we have more in this report. >> reporter: a nightclub tragedy in brazil's southern city of santa maria where a fire and panic in the aftermath leaves hundreds dead. fir
being, and washington is gearing up now for another battle-- the debt ceiling. major garrett looks ahead. >> four people are shot to death in aurora, colorado, just miles from the theater where 12 people died last july. we'll have the latest. a new jersey town secures its students by posting armed police at every school in a district free of violent crime. and acoustic overload under the sea. what the rising tide of noisy ships is doing to the lives of whales. >> i think we're trying to understand what kind of a crisis this is. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. washington has barely had time to catch its breath after reaching a deal on raising taxes and battle lines are already emerging for the next showdown. this week, secretary of the treasury, timothy geithner reported the u.s. government has reached its borrowing limit. this means the congress and the president have roughly two months to work out a deal to raise that limit. republicans are saying no deal without spending cuts. major garrett is at the white house for
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